Bankruptcy will clear most of your Debts. If you are looking for a firm to help you, please consider the following.

We have been helping Australians with Voluntary Bankruptcy since 2005. During this time we have helped thousands of Australians clear their debts and get a fresh start. We have helped many people in similar circumstances to you.

Nobody else listened as well or explained it so simply as King Debt Solutions. I am glad that I called them”

Our promises to you:

1. You can speak to one of our friendly consultants who will answer all of your questions about your situation and how bankruptcy will affect you. Rely on our experience to get you through this with the minimum of stress and worry.

2. Fee’s are displayed on this website.

3. All the paperwork/form completion will be done for you.

4. Guaranteed acceptance. We guarantee your application will be accepted. If your bankruptcy application is not accepted any fee’s paid will be refunded.

5. A complete confidential (we do not record phone calls) service that can be completed over the phone.

6. Australia wide. If you are in Australia you can get this done.

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